Saturday, November 27, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself!

I like being on the computer.  I like sharing, what I have learned.  With many health problems, to deal with, many of my blogs, will be related, to how to improve, on health!

I have a family, three grown children and three grandchildren.  We are a close family, living within 35 minutes, of each other, with me being somewhat in the center, which is good.

I have a tendency, to worry, to want to help, to be a part of whatever is going on.  I'm 65 and remember, much about how things was a long time ago.  What is amazing, is things from a long time ago, is coming forward, again.  Like more people, due to the economy, is dealing with having to change their way of thinking, when going shopping.  One can no longer, just throw food items, into one's cart, and check out, as you might be way over the amount you have to spend on food.  The prices, have and do raise/change, so rapidly.  So people, think about it.  Do I buy a loaf of bread, or do I buy a flour and yeast and make many loaves of bread from it?  The choice is yours!  Looking in the produce department, might lead to another question or two. 

     Do I buy fresh, frozen or canned or is there something, I can do in the future, to lower the cost, of my produce?  Do you live in a place, where you could start off with a small garden?  Check out Square Foot Gardening,  it is a good beginning place to start.  Are you able to dig up the ground, yourself, about a foot deep, and break up, the clumps of dirt?  Can you squat, to work on doing this? Or do you need to hire or ask , someone to do this for you?  First decide, what you want to plant, enough for you to eat and if you desire, enough to put up for the winter.  Yes, canning, is coming back.  Young people, are asking questions, so older people need to dig back in the memory, to help the young ones, learn the safe way to can.  If young ones, haven't asked questions, they might not even know about it, and maybe the seed, needs planted.  They can check it out, here on the internet, they are a whiz, at using it, we all know that.  

     Square Foot Gardening, how about thinking of it as a Salad in the Making, just remember , to replant, between the rows, every two weeks, so they come up throughout, the summer, instead of all at once.  Tomatoes, do you want big beef size tomatoes, plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, or grape tomatoes, or a variety of all or some of them? Lettuce, how about an assortment, of the different lettuces, endive, bib , think greener they are, healthier they are for you. spinach grows good near lettuce, also.  Radishes, this is an important one, to plant  every two weeks, as they grow fast. Good one, for young children, to plant and see results quickly, (remember the radish is under ground, you need to watch the green leaves, the bigger the leaves get the older and larger the radish is.  Don't forget to pick, and don't get them waterlogged, ( telling you this from experience).  Remember,the peppers, green, red, yellow, banana, jelopeano, and many more.  Besides, for salad, also remember, stuffed peppers. Even the hot ones are being stuffed with cheeses and baked to perfection, along with the bell peppers, being stuffed with ground beef, or ground turkey, or even ground lamb, along with some of the choices, of rice, herbs, seasonings and eggs.  You might want to save one of those squares, for your herbs, to add to your salads, and other foods.  Parsley, chives, basil, oregano, rosemary, etc.   These can be dried in a preheated, low temperature oven, and stored in containers with lids, or they can be put in ice cube trays and covered with water, frozen, removed and placed in sealed bag, with names on them, for a fresher retrieval of the herbs later.  Remember, if a recipe calls for fresh herbs, and you need to use dried, to use 1/3 of the amount, or if your using fresh, use three times the amount, if recipes calls for dried.  

    Well, friends this is my first blog here, and I'm all talked out, for the moment.  I'm hoping you got something, out of it you didn't know before, or it reminded you of something, you haven't thought, of in a long time.  Have a wonderful day, and please live each day, to the fullest, and tell someone, you love them, today!